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Confessions of a B2B SaaS Marketer: Surviving the CFO Jungle

by Loic Jeanjean on
A long-time friend of mine recently asked me about layoffs in the tech industry and what it was like to be a marketer in today's economy.
Let me tell you, it's no cakewalk.
I'm a fractional CMO (and former head of marketing) for not one, but two B2B SaaS products aimed at CFOs.
And every day, it feels like trying to climb a mountain with an anvil tied to our feet.
First of all, our target audience is made up of some of the most analytical, numbers-driven people you'll ever meet.
They can spot a marketing gimmick from a mile away, and they have a low tolerance for fluff. And don't even get me started on sales demos disguised as 'product tours'...
My answer to him: it's like trying to sell ice to an Eskimo, except the Eskimo has an MBA and a calculator.
On top of that, the market is so saturated with SaaS solutions that we're swimming in a sea of sharks (aka competitors), all circling around the same prey.
And let's not forget about the economy. With so much uncertainty, CFOs are hesitant to make any big investments or take any risks.
But you know what? Despite all these challenges, I love my job.
I thrive on the challenge of finding creative ways to break through the noise and get our solution in front of the right people.
I live for the rush of seeing a campaign finally click and the leads start pouring in.
And when we finally win over that coveted account, it feels like we just climbed Everest without oxygen.
So yes, being a B2B SaaS marketer in 2023 can be tough. It takes grit, determination, and a good sense of humor to make it in this world. But I wouldn't have it any other way.